Friday, August 31, 2012

"MARCONI" at Santa Cruz de Tenerife today

 "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" seen here brand new at speed, is due to reach Tenerife at 3 pm today, the ship reached with extreme comfort yesterday 26 knots using 90% of her total power. During the Tenerife call the ship is bunkering getting ready for her voyage to Cape Town which will take just over 8 days, in the meantime passengers will have three excursions available, Santa Cruz, the "Floresta de las Mercedez" and "Valle de Orotova"
"Santa Cruz de Tenerife" is situated off the northwestern coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, Santa Cruz is the Capital of the Canary Islands together with Las Palmas, it has a population of over 220.000 people, its economy rely mainly on tourism, trade and the seaport a very important mid Atlantic stopover for cruise ships and liners
                              view from the "Floresta de las Mercedez"
Valle de Orotova was the name given by Spanish "conquistadores" when they occupied the Island in the 15th century to an area that would became a very famous vineyard.

"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" due at Tenerife today: 15.00
Next Port of call: Cape Town
Sailing time: 24.00
Distance to Cape Town: 4420 nautical miles
Average speed: 22 knots
E.T.A. Cape Town: 9.9.2012 at 07.00
Temperature today at Santa Cruz de Tenerife: 29 C

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