Monday, August 6, 2012

MARCONI and GALILEO innovative funnels

When the sisters were delivered in 1963 apart from the original hull design, another innovation was the telescopic funnel tops, clearly inspirational for other passenger liners to come, MICHELANGELO and RAFFAELLO a good example of that. Photos above, the ITALIA CROCIERI INTERNAZIONALI logo, a company formed in 1979 part of ITALIA LINE that operated the sisters and the AUSONIA on cruising, short lived adventure, but that will be a subject for other posts in the future, middle and bottom photos, GALILEO's funnel cruising the Panama Canal and MARCONI ready for departure from the port of Genoa.


  1. I have a vague memory (could be wrong) that the designers of the Galileo & Marconi originally wanted the funnel to be like the ones that eventually appeared on the Michelangelo and Raffaello, but Lloyd Tristino wanted a somewhat more traditional design.

  2. Fascinating Stuff Kalle, you not wrong, you're completely right, the futuristic design was refused by Lloyd and later used on the new MICHELANGELO/RAFFAELLO, a good decision in my opinion as they look much nicer and as you know a lot of people don't like the funnel conception on the latter sisters. Great, thank you, I have stories to tell about the Lloyd twins here on this blog and participations like your only add to the pleasure and enrichment.Please keep following and if you also have stories to tell about these totally underrated ships, I am only to pleased to add you as a contributor to this blog

    Best Regards

    1. I am a big fan of the Michelangelo funnel design myself (well, and that pair of ships overall, enough to have created this website back in the day: but I agree they would not have worked well with the Galileo/Marconi's overall design.