Saturday, August 11, 2012

GUGLIELMO MARCONI and GALILEO GALILEI, first years in service

"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" and "GALILEO GALILEI" were very successful ships during their first 6/7 years on the Italy to Australian service their reputation grown worldwide, despite competition from other European operators particulary the British, but still they were running virtually full with their voyages being advertised all over Europe with special focus on the UK passengers, but troubled years were soon to come for the last liners on regular service and of course the sisters were no exception to the rule, decline in passenger numbers and oil crisis were soon to come, this will be a subject for future posts, for now let's enjoy the amazing photos above and remember how gorgeous these two ships were and keep them alive, the aim of this blog, as they were and still are so many times forgotten by Maritime Historians, who just play safe with accounts of more imposing and better known ships

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