Sunday, August 5, 2012


"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" was ordered by Lloyd Triestino in 1960 together with her sister ship "GALILEO GALILEI" for their immigrant route from Genoa to Australia, the ships were the largest passenger ships ever built for Lloyd Triestino and they were to be also their last, they were built in Italy by CANTIERI RIUNITI DEL' ADRIATICO, both were delivered in 1963, the GALILEO was the first in April, MARCONI came seven months later. They were very comfortable ships and they were fast, both cruised at 24 knots which enabled them to sail from Genoa to Australia in just over three weeks via the Suez Canal. "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" has always been a special ship for me, I will never forget the first time I saw her in Lisbon in 1976 when she came into service in January of that year as a running mate of the fabulous CRISTOFORO COLOMBO on the Naples-Brazil-River Plate route, sailing for ITALIA LINE. Went many times on board the ship and in May the same year I had the privilege  of sailing on MARCONI from Lisbon to Naples and back. Throughout the years I have collected many photos, postcards, brochures of these beautiful sisters which are now coming here, an impossible task if it wasn't for the internet. This is also a tribute to these incredible liners turned cruise ships later in their lives, the other day I was reading some comment on Facebook, another admirer of the ships that coudn't understand why nobody has ever made a book about these two sisters, many times forgotten by Historians, they have not been mentioned on many Liner Books, which is in my opinion unacceptable, after all they were the largest and fastest Italian Liners ever to operate on the Australian service. The building of the ships, their liner service and their full time cruising in latter years is the aim of this blog

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