Saturday, September 29, 2012

"MARCONI" at sea, destination Auckland

"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" is now under way towards Auckland, the beginning of the return home trip on this around the world voyage that will end at Genova on the 7.11.2012

"MARCONI" at sea destination: Auckland
Distance from Sydney: 1155 nm
E.T.A. Auckland: 1.10.2012 at 08.00
Average speed: 22.75 knots

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"MARCONI" at Sydney

 Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales, it's the most populated city of Australia with over 4.5 million people, the city is built on hills and was founded as a penal colony in 1788 by Arthur Phillip. Sydney is the Financial hub of the country, its economy rely on manufacturing, retail, property and of course tourism. Sydney is internationally known for its fabulous Museums and Galleries, such as the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
 Passengers travelling on "MARCONI" on this around the World voyage apart from Sydney also have the opportunity to visit Katoomba, the main town of the city of the Blue Mountains, situated about 65 miles west of Sydney, it's an area of course famous with tourists, known for terrific mountain views and natural walks, it's an area of outstanding beauty.
One of the chief attractions for visitors to Sydney is the Koala Park. This sanctuary park was opened in October of 1930 by Noel Burnet, who established the park due to its concern of the large numbers of Koalas being killed for the fur trade, the animal population was virtually exterminated during the first part of the 20th century, the park is privately owned and is a walk through wildlife parks.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"MARCONI" arrives Sydney tomorrow morning

The southbound leg of this World Voyage reaches its final port tomorrow with the arrival of "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" at Sydney, final destination for the vast majority of the passengers that embarked in Italy last August, the 25th. The ship will dock at 07.00 and will stay for about 39 hours, time for the turnaround, the crew will execute some repairs and maintenance, and will also have time to spend some time ashore, recharging batteries for the long journey back home. Photos of "MARCONI" at Sydney in her heyday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"MARCONI" cruising the Tasman sea

                                Postcard of the "GALILEO GALILEI"
 "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" will dock at Hobart this afternoon at 3 pm. The ship is now cruising the Tasman Sea on her way to Sydney. The Tasman Sea was named after the Dutch navigator and explorer Abel Tasman, portrait above, the first European to have navigated the area in 1642, later in the 1770's the area was vastly explored by Captain James Cook during his voyages of exploration. Below a map ilustrating the two voyages of Abel Tasman in the region.
                                           Tasman Sea today
"MARCONI" will stay at Hobart until 24.00, shore excursion available today is the city of Hobart state capital of the island of Tasmania, founded as a penal colony in 1804, Hobart is the most important economical and financial area in the region, its port is also used for both Australian and French Antarctic operations.

"MARCONI" departs Hobart tonight 24.00
Destination: Sydney
E.T.A. Sydney: 27.9.2012 at 07.00
Distance: 601 nm
Average speed: 23.10 knots
Temperature today at Hobart: 17 C

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"MARCONI's" funnel second chapter

 "GUGLIELMO MARCONI's" funnel featured a novel telescopic top designed to be raised at sea to better disperse fumes and lowered when in port to maintain better looking appearances. The funnel was innovative and the design was a source of inspiration for many ships to come. The photo above, copyright Luis Miguel Correia taken in 1976 is one of the best examples of the elegant profile of this beautiful funnel, vapour can also be seen coming out from one of her whistles and how amazingly it sounded, this was taken in Lisbon when the ship was sailing for ITALIA LINE on the European to South America route, once ready for sea and after crew announcements, she used to sound her incredible whistles 30 and 10 minutes before departure and then of course when released from her moorings helped by two to three tugs. Photos below taken in May 1976 when I sailed on the ship, precious moments that very much seem like lived yesterday

"MARCONI" reaches Melbourne today

      "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" will dock at Melbourne today at 4pm, the ship will stay until tomorrow, where departure is expected to be at 16.00. Above "MARCONI" at Melbourne during late sixties
 Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and the second largest city in Australia with over 4 million people living in the Metropolitan area, it's also Australia's industrial centre strong in Finance, Manufacturing, Transportation and Tourism. Melbourne was founded in 1835 and named after the prime-minister of the time, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne.
Apart from the city of Melbourne, passengers have a second excursion to the Mount Dandenong. Part of the Dandenong ranges, Mount Dandenong is today an important tourist destination, the region after European settlement was used as a main source for timber to the city of Melbourne. The Dandenong Ranges consists of rolling hills and valleys.

"MARCONI" departs Melbourne, 24.9.2012
Destination: Hobart
E.T.A. Hobart: 25.9.2012 at 15.00
Distance: 411 nm
Average speed: 21.95 knots
Temperature today at Melbourne: 15 C

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"MARCONI's" sister "GALILEO GALILEI" at sea

Image of sheer beauty and elegance, one of the Lloyd Triestino Australian express liners at sea, "GALILEO GALILEI" in this particular case.

"MARCONI" at Adelaide today

 "MARCONI" has arrived today at the port of Adelaide, where her sister is seen above, the ship docked at 07.00 and will depart for Melbourne at 16.00
 Excursions today available are, the city of Adelaide, founded in 1836 and today the fifth largest city in the country with a population exceeding 1.3 million. Adelaide is the capital city of Southern Australia and the most important commercial centre for the area, it's the head quarters for many financial institutions and has over 40% of Australia's high-tech electronics industry.
The other available excursion is Mount Lofty, a "must see" attraction for tourists visiting Southern Australia, every year about 400.000 people visit the peak which rises over 700 meters above sea level offering remarkable views of the city of Adelaide, its plains and foothills.

"MARCONI" departs Adelaide at 16.00
Destination: Melbourne.
E.T.A. Melbourne: 23.9.2012 at 16.00
Distance: 488 nm
Average speed: 22.35 knots
Temperature today at Adelaide: 21 C

Friday, September 21, 2012

Australian INTERSTATE Fares

INTERSTATE COASTAL FARES was organized by LLOYD TRIESTINO in order to offer Australian passengers the possibility for travelling on board "MARCONI" and "GALILEO" from Fremantle to Sydney, calling at Adelaide/Melbourne and Hobart, these trips were hugely popular in the late sixties and early seventies

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"MARCONI" at Fremantle today

 After almost 10 days at sea "MARCONI" finally reached Australia, the ship docked this morning at 07.00 at Fremantle Harbour, port for Perth, final destination for many passengers who embarked in Italy three weeks ago. Perth's Metropolitan area has a population of about 1.8 million people, the city was founded back in 1829 by Captain James Stirling, the economic boom took place after the end of WWII with the influx of immigrants, passengers not ending their voyage have the opportunity to take an excursion organized on board to visit the city of Perth.
"MARCONI" departs Fremantle today at 16.00, destination: Adelaide
E.T.A. Adelaide: 22.9.2012 at 07.00
Distance: 1327 nm
average speed: 22.75 knots
Temperature at Perth today, 16 C

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"MARCONI" will arrive Australia tomorrow

After a marathon of over nine consecutive days at sea "MARCONI" will reach Fremantle tomorrow, the ship is due at 07.00, and the departure to Adelaide at 16.00.

Monday, September 10, 2012

MARCONI, destination Australia

"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" will spend the next 8 days at sea on her way to Australia, the first port of call will be Fremantle final destination for a large number of passengers that started their voyage on the 25.8.2012. The ship seen above at Sydney in 1967

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"MARCONI " at Cape Town Today

 "MARCONI" has reached CAPE TOWN this morning at 07.00 after spending almost nine consecutive days at sea, the ship will now head for Australia with FREMANTLE the first of four Australian Ports on this around the World Voyage. Departure time 22.00, passengers are enjoying a full day's excursion to CAPE TOWN and CHAPMANS PEAK. Photo above, MARCONI's sister ship "GALILEO GALILEI" at Durban by Derek Walker

 CAPE TOWN is one of the most multicultural cities in the World, it's the second most populous city in South Africa, after JOHANNESBURG  with approximately 4 million people. CAPE TOWN was first developed by the Dutch by the V.O.C., also known as "Dutch East India Company" for their enterprises to Eastern Africa, India and the Far East, today CAPE TOWN is the most popular Tourist attraction on AFRICA.
 "CHAPMAN's PEAK", photo below is a mountain on the Western side of the Cape Peninsula Province just 10 miles south of CAPE TOWN
"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" departs Cape Town for Fremantle at 22.00
E.T.A. Fremantle : 19.9.2012 at 07.00
Distance: 4743 nm
Average speed : 22.50
Temperature today at Cape Town: 15 C

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GALILEO GALILEI just off Sydney

 GALILEO GALILEI is seen here just off Sydney in the early sixties, photo copyright collection Luis Miguel Correia, below a fabulous postcard of GUGLIELMO MARCONI at sea, late sixties, two perfect demonstrations of the sheer elegance of these amazing ships in their prime.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

"MARCONI" at sea

"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" is well under way towards Cape Town at a steady pace, averaging 22 knots, the ship is due a week today at 07.00, photos above of the sisters at sea and last one, courtesy of Derek Walker, GALILEO GALILEI at Durban