Saturday, September 22, 2012

"MARCONI" at Adelaide today

 "MARCONI" has arrived today at the port of Adelaide, where her sister is seen above, the ship docked at 07.00 and will depart for Melbourne at 16.00
 Excursions today available are, the city of Adelaide, founded in 1836 and today the fifth largest city in the country with a population exceeding 1.3 million. Adelaide is the capital city of Southern Australia and the most important commercial centre for the area, it's the head quarters for many financial institutions and has over 40% of Australia's high-tech electronics industry.
The other available excursion is Mount Lofty, a "must see" attraction for tourists visiting Southern Australia, every year about 400.000 people visit the peak which rises over 700 meters above sea level offering remarkable views of the city of Adelaide, its plains and foothills.

"MARCONI" departs Adelaide at 16.00
Destination: Melbourne.
E.T.A. Melbourne: 23.9.2012 at 16.00
Distance: 488 nm
Average speed: 22.35 knots
Temperature today at Adelaide: 21 C

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