Sunday, October 27, 2013


In 1976, can't really remember the date, I went on board MARCONI with a very good friend from my primary school years, Francisco Moura, him also a great ships enthusiast, we been together on many ship spotting in our native Lisbon, this was a special occasion for him though, we embarked on one of the tugs that would assist MARCONI and clearly remember him saying to me, " you were right, this ship is really amazing", minutes later we stepped on board for a tour of the ship, something that being his first time he cherished for nearly four decades, earlier this year we met again is his house and as a gesture and appreciation of my admiration for this ship he decided to offer me the deck plan and a copy of a telegram that he was presented on board, memorabilia that he has saved all these years, I can't thank him enough for this, this is a bit of history posted on this blog, the deck plan of the ship when she was introduced for the Europe to the River Plate service in January of 1976.