Friday, August 10, 2012

"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" first glimpse inside the ship

The wheelhouse on the bridge of GUGLIELMO MARCONI", photo copyright Rich Turnwald, a complete brochure during the ITALIA LINE service will be coming here later, for the moment a few glimpses of the interiors of both MARCONI and her sister GALILEO GALILEI, all photos from my collection otherwise stated.
                                        Marconi's beautiful funnel at the Sun Deck
                                         streamlined bow, view from the bridge, Panama Canal
                                         entrance to the first class lounge
                                         first class restaurant
                                        tourist class restaurant


  1. I spent 2months and a bit on this marvelous ship on 2 journeys going to Australia September 1970 and back January 1973 . I was 14 and 17 and all my memories are still intact .

  2. thank you for your comment Jose Resina, she was a delightful ship indeed

  3. Hi,
    I run a Facebook group named TN Guglielmo Marconi-Galileo Galilei Viaggi Italia Australia, my name is Paul I live in Melbourne Australia.

    Doing some reasearch over the internet, I came across this, may I invite you in our group? Maybe you could share some of your photos and maybe some stories with us..

    Kind Regards,


    P.S. I am currently using my wife Google account

  4. I was at Marconi in April 1997, coming to Portugal from Brazil. I was 9 years old! That trip will be forever in my heart!