Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" visited last port in the MED today

 "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" visited Malta today, the last port in the MED before heading to Cape Town via Tenerife, where the ship will make a technical call, MARCONI was berthed at 8 am and departed on time 15.00

Shore excursions available today were, visit of VALETTA the capital city of the republic of Malta a country situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, its strategic position has motivated a succession of powers since the Phoenicians to the British from whom MALTA gain its independence in 1964, the country became a Republic 10 years later, today MALTA is renowned worldwide as a tourist destination.

"GUGLIELMO MARCONI" arrived Malta 08.00
The ship departed for Tenerife: 15.00
E.T.A. Tenerife : 31.8.2012 / 15.00
Distance : 1709 nm
Average speed : 22.75 knots
Temperature today at Malta : 34 C

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