Sunday, August 5, 2012

"LLOYD TRIESTINO" a brief history and the building of their largest passenger ships

LLOYD TRIESTINO started in 1837 and it is said to be the oldest shipping company in the World, CUNARD was founded three years later, originally the company was known as AUSTRIAN LLOYD and became one of the World's biggest shipping companies, it changed the name to LLOYD TRIESTINO in 1919 when the Trieste region became part of Italy. Until recently the company's headquarters were housed in a grand palace at Trieste which looked a lot more like a museum. Today LLOYD TRIESTINO has a fleet of cargo-container ships, but they once were a great Passenger Line, their liners operated from Italy to India, Hong-Kong, East and South African ports and Australia, ships like the ASIA, AFRICA and OCEANIA became very prestigious and well known passenger ships. In 1949 two ITALIA LINE cargo-passenger ships were chartered for the Italy to Australia service, the ships were the SEBASTIAN CABOTO and the UGOLINO VIVALDI, this has always been a busy service so a decision was made in 1960 to order the building of two large and fast liners for this route, the orders were placed with CANTIERI RIUNITI DEL ADRIATICO, the first ship "GALILEO GALILEI" was delivered late March of 1963 and her twin sister, very identical sister, the "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" came into service in November the same year, they became the fastest and largest liners ever to sail on the Australian service, they were able to complete the voyage via the Suez Canal from Genoa to Sydney in just over three weeks, the sisters were to be the last LLOYD TRIESTINO passenger liners.

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