Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"MARCONI" cruising the Tasman sea

                                Postcard of the "GALILEO GALILEI"
 "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" will dock at Hobart this afternoon at 3 pm. The ship is now cruising the Tasman Sea on her way to Sydney. The Tasman Sea was named after the Dutch navigator and explorer Abel Tasman, portrait above, the first European to have navigated the area in 1642, later in the 1770's the area was vastly explored by Captain James Cook during his voyages of exploration. Below a map ilustrating the two voyages of Abel Tasman in the region.
                                           Tasman Sea today
"MARCONI" will stay at Hobart until 24.00, shore excursion available today is the city of Hobart state capital of the island of Tasmania, founded as a penal colony in 1804, Hobart is the most important economical and financial area in the region, its port is also used for both Australian and French Antarctic operations.

"MARCONI" departs Hobart tonight 24.00
Destination: Sydney
E.T.A. Sydney: 27.9.2012 at 07.00
Distance: 601 nm
Average speed: 23.10 knots
Temperature today at Hobart: 17 C

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