Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"MARCONI" at Fremantle today

 After almost 10 days at sea "MARCONI" finally reached Australia, the ship docked this morning at 07.00 at Fremantle Harbour, port for Perth, final destination for many passengers who embarked in Italy three weeks ago. Perth's Metropolitan area has a population of about 1.8 million people, the city was founded back in 1829 by Captain James Stirling, the economic boom took place after the end of WWII with the influx of immigrants, passengers not ending their voyage have the opportunity to take an excursion organized on board to visit the city of Perth.
"MARCONI" departs Fremantle today at 16.00, destination: Adelaide
E.T.A. Adelaide: 22.9.2012 at 07.00
Distance: 1327 nm
average speed: 22.75 knots
Temperature at Perth today, 16 C

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  1. I traveled on both of them 1967 Gugliemo Marconi Italy, Messina- Perth, W.A. around Africa, in 1976 Perth,W.A. . Italy,Messina around the world trip- Today iam 58 and i cant help thinking of the amazing luck i have had to ezperience such trips