Monday, March 18, 2013

"GALILEO GALILEI" at Wellington in 1967

When I started this Blog in August last year, the aim was to bring back to life "GUGLIELMO MARCONI" and pay tribute to this remarkable ship. She and her sister were two of the finest Italian Liners ever built, the largest of their owners, Lloyd Triestino and two of the best known and successful liners of the Australian Immigrant trade, when they came into service, they were innovative in their conception and design, today eight months later this Blog is followed by the people that it was intended to, a Maritime Museum from Italy showed interest on some of the posts, Italian fans of the ship and even Australian passengers showed interest on the Blog. Just last week Tim Noble from Melbourne, keen follower of the Blog volunteered to send me some photos of the "MARCONI" and her twin sister, the "GALILEO GALILEI" during their down under distinguished carreers. The photo included in this "post" is a classic example of that, "GALILEO" is seen here at Wellington in 1967 an outstanding photo taken by Tim's father in 1967, sailing on the ship as a passenger. A big thank you to Tim Noble and all the followers of this Blog, I will endeavour to carry on this work and will do everything  to turn the Blog appealing, please keep it dynamic from your end with all your comments. Once again thank you to Tim Noble, Lindsey Rex and John Bone Melbourne photographers.


  1. apparently theres a fantastic model in maritime museum wellington

  2. thank you Claudio for all your comments on this Blog